Weed Legalization in South Africa

The Western Cape High Court has made the ground-shaking ruling to legalize weed for private use in South Africa after declaring that it is an infringement to ban the use of weed by adults in private homes. The ruling was made on Friday 31st March, just in time for the weekend, and it allows the possession, cultivation, and use of weed in homes. It was also ruled that Parliament must change sections of the Drug Trafficking Act, as well as the Medicines Control Act and it has 24 months to make that happen.


Cannabis has some healthy benefits, however, the extent of its impact on health, good or bad is yet unknown, because until now only 6% of studies on cannabis analyze its medical properties. Some places that have already legalized it have experienced a decrease in crime, which is always a good thing. Whether you are for or against it, you have to admit that we are entering changing times as a country.



Tembisa Fashion Week- Interview with founder Ronnie Lesadiwa Mahlakwane

Ronnie Lesadiwa Mahlakwane, the founder of Kazi Trendz, was born and raised in a small village called Moroke, just out of Burgersfort, Limpopo. He is the last born of 4, who describes himself as over ambitious and God fearing.

Where did your love of fashion come from?

Growing up, I loved clothes and always knew that I want to be different. I also made dresses from my cousins’ mpopies (dolls).

What’s your style of design?

Street style, I prefer kasi original.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by ambitious people who want success and go after it. Above all God is the motivation I need.

If you had to be anything besides human, what would you be and why?

I would be clothing material; clothes help in confidence and allow people to communicate from deep within.

Which do you prefer night or day?


When all is said and done…

I would like to be remembered as a fashion icon and someone who changed the world through fashion.

What makes you, almost always roll your eyes?

People with no fashion sense

What’s your advice for other hustlers?

Follow your God-given purpose with him leading your journey.

What projects are you currently working on?

well we had the intro to Tembisa in December 2016 and it was quite a success, so we working on the actual event this year and of course I am working on my brand Kazi Trendz.

Wow, that sounds super exciting, tell us more about TFW.

Well, it will be an event hosted by Kazi Trendz later this year Tembisa. The purpose of TFW is to give local designers and artists a strong platform to showcase their talent.

How can people get into contact with you if they want to participate?

My phone number is 0732598987, email address is lesdiwalsj@gmail.com and we also have our Instagram account Tembisa_fashion_w where you can send us a DM

Some pictures from the intro to TFW


Tembisa Fashion Scene about to blow up

Often when we talk about fashion and the events that come with it we think about fashion capitals such as Paris, New York and Milan international, and Cape Town and Johannesburg on a more local front, but that is about to change.

Kasis( Townships) everywhere around South Africa are showing that the “hood” has it’s own style which can rival among the best. So now fashion enthusiasts with limited budgets can indulge in the world of high fashion and runways within their means, because fashion is for everyone.

Having said that we would like to introduce you to the founder of Tembisa Fashion Week and Kasi Trendz, Ronie Lesadiwa Mahlakwane. This talented designer is about to take the local fashion industry by storm. Be on the look out for a in depth interview with him, where we ask him about his love of the craft and Tembisa Fashion Week.

Fearless Ink on making a mark in Hip Hop

A few weeks ago, King Khotini, Ricky Rick proclaimed in his acceptance speech at the Metro FM Music Awards that there was so much underground talent on the internet and we have to agree with him as we have found what he was talking about.


Fearless Ink is a dynamic duo consisting of talented rap artists, Roberto Da Silva aka Robbie D and Thabang Diseko aka Mr. Lostboy. They both hail from Pretoria, Gauteng and their passion for spitting bars is what connected them. Their latest single, You complete me was written in relation to how a modern thinks and how the whole being a player and not being fit to love someone cause his focus is on himself, then he meets someone that allows him to go down a different path which then leads to him accepting that he has found true love.
A full in depth interview with them is on the way so be on the lookout for that, so is their latest single You complete me, but in the meanwhile, you can catch them doing their thing on YouTube, follow them on Instagram  (@fearlessink_sa) and Facebook ( Fearless Ink.)


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A walk through the decades

This season runways around the world seem to draw inspiration from a collection of trends over the decades, from the Mules which were made famous by Marilyn Monroe in the early 1950s to the 90s multiple buckled straps, this season’s shoe trends have taken a step in different directions.

  • 1950s Mule/ Push-in

This sophisticated take on the pool-side classic will leave you looking chic and feeling comfortable. There are easy to put on, and with the interesting designs available, they are a pair for every style.


  • 1960s Multiple buckled straps

This trend resembles an edgy prep school girl shoe named Mary Jane, but with a grown-up twist, and there is nothing that screams out grown-up like stilettos.


  • 2010s Hiking boot

Athlete-leisure at its finest, you can wear them on an actual hike or on the streets, this trend will get you a seat at the cool kids’ table while keeping you warm.


  • 1940s Peep-toe

It’s not a time to put aware your pedicure set yet (we all have lazy tendencies), you will need it when this trend takes over this autumn. It’s particularly big on boot like block heels, which we still love.


  • 1980s Heels with Socks

If you have already put away your pedicure set but still want to rock the peep-toe trend or any open heels, as a matter of fact, fear not because socks have come to the rescue. It breaks all the pre-conceived notions about how to wear heels, but who care, rules are meant to be broken.

5 Out of the box Valentines weekend date ideas

This is for those who cringe when it comes to planning anything romantic because they are afraid of coming across as cliché.

Taking time out of your schedule to spend with your sweetheart is almost impossible on a daily, but can be a bigger hassle when there is a special event in need of celebrating. The old dinner and movies or drinks can become so mundane and needless to say boring. Taking this into mind we have arranged a few out of the box affordable dates, to ensure you and your date have a great time on a budget. Some of these dates are a much-needed update on the usual dinner and some will have you learning some interesting new things about your surroundings. Surprise your date with something they never expected and I assure you that will score you brownie points to at least get a second date because it will not only show how creative and fun you are but it can also be a  great start to your conversation. This list is in no particular order and we sure your date will love whichever one you choose.

  • Go to a food or music festival

This is a great way to move away from the usual date and will give you a lot to talk about, which is always great. First start by asking your date what type of music they like, because there is no use if you going to take them to see a band they hate. If you want it to be a secret, you can casually bring it up or ask a close friend, do your research. Once you can gauge the type of music they are into then you can check the local listing to see if they are performing anytime soon, preferable when you have actually set the date for. The same goes for a food market/festival, find out what they might enjoy and see if there is a way to add a twist to it. For listing, you can go to Competicket or Ticketpro which always have information on upcoming events and you can also ask around your social circle about what’s going down.

  • A twist on the movies- DIY dates

Instead of going to the cinema to catch the latest movie for your date. There is a fun and more creative twist o the old trend, besides the fact that you can’t engage in a conversation in the movie theatre, you could also risk watching a movie which only one or none of you enjoy. So without ditching the entire movie concept, you could rent out some old favorites that you are sure you will both like, gather a bunch of snacks and sit back and watch. The other pro of this idea is that you can pause and make-out or whatever.

  • Painting classes

This is the most creative way of getting to know someone, by tapping into their creativity. You can research to check out if there are no art classes to take around your area and sign up. If that fails and you cannot find art classes nearby, ask some art students around you for some of their old stuff that you can use on your date. You don’t need a lot of things really, and the more out of the box you can go into make it happen, the more your date will appreciate it and it will give you a lot to talk about. If all fails think of the playing with paint scene on Trey Songs ‘Making love faces’, just make sure that they are into it first though and if it’s a girl don’t get it in her hair.

Game night

Dates are mainly about getting to know someone and having fun while doing it. Playing around is a fun way to see if that person takes themselves too seriously or not. Honestly, no one wants to date a boring person, it’s not fun at all and you end up having awkward silences and no second date. A great way to have the game date is to turn it into a group date, where you team up with you date against another couple. This will make the date exciting and will give you loads to talk about. Depending on the mood you would like to set, you can choose from mind game such as 30 seconds, Scrabble and who did it to more active ones such as going bowling or to the arcade. Group dates a great if you barely know your date and want to be comfortable while getting to know them. After all, there is security in numbers.

Go on a mini adventure

This is also a fun way to get to know someone and to see if you have some common interests. You make it an outdoor or indoor adventure, but it the weather is right there is no reason in cannot be the former. Outdoor adventures are the more exhilarating of the 2. What you could do is do a creative twist on the treasure hunt, you gather up information about yourself and your date and you ask a friend to help you by taking that information and converting it into clue which will lead to a nice picnic or dinner at the end. Just imagine how fun that will be and how much you will learn about each other in the process.

The most important thing to remember about going on a date is that it is about getting to know each other. There is no point in preparing a nice candle lit dinner and you have absolutely nothing to talk about, so always think of adding a little creativity when planning your dates because even if you have a little in common or just not each other’s type at least you would have made a new friend.

Happy Birthday Month Urban Streets!

It has been a year since the 1st ever issue of Urban Streets was published and I can hardly believe it, where has the time gone? It has not been easy. We are nowhere close to where we wanted to be when we reached this milestone, but such is life, sometimes even the best-laid plans go astray. We may change the routes, climb hills, face storms and swim oceans along the way but we will get there. Failure only happens once you quit, before that it’s all lessons. Happy Birthday, Urban Streets! Here is to growth.

Desree Maroga