Fearless Ink on making a mark in Hip Hop

A few weeks ago, King Khotini, Ricky Rick proclaimed in his acceptance speech at the Metro FM Music Awards that there was so much underground talent on the internet and we have to agree with him as we have found what he was talking about.


Fearless Ink is a dynamic duo consisting of talented rap artists, Roberto Da Silva aka Robbie D and Thabang Diseko aka Mr. Lostboy. They both hail from Pretoria, Gauteng and their passion for spitting bars is what connected them. Their latest single, You complete me was written in relation to how a modern thinks and how the whole being a player and not being fit to love someone cause his focus is on himself, then he meets someone that allows him to go down a different path which then leads to him accepting that he has found true love.
A full in depth interview with them is on the way so be on the lookout for that, so is their latest single You complete me, but in the meanwhile, you can catch them doing their thing on YouTube, follow them on Instagram  (@fearlessink_sa) and Facebook ( Fearless Ink.)


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