A walk through the decades

This season runways around the world seem to draw inspiration from a collection of trends over the decades, from the Mules which were made famous by Marilyn Monroe in the early 1950s to the 90s multiple buckled straps, this season’s shoe trends have taken a step in different directions.

  • 1950s Mule/ Push-in

This sophisticated take on the pool-side classic will leave you looking chic and feeling comfortable. There are easy to put on, and with the interesting designs available, they are a pair for every style.


  • 1960s Multiple buckled straps

This trend resembles an edgy prep school girl shoe named Mary Jane, but with a grown-up twist, and there is nothing that screams out grown-up like stilettos.


  • 2010s Hiking boot

Athlete-leisure at its finest, you can wear them on an actual hike or on the streets, this trend will get you a seat at the cool kids’ table while keeping you warm.


  • 1940s Peep-toe

It’s not a time to put aware your pedicure set yet (we all have lazy tendencies), you will need it when this trend takes over this autumn. It’s particularly big on boot like block heels, which we still love.


  • 1980s Heels with Socks

If you have already put away your pedicure set but still want to rock the peep-toe trend or any open heels, as a matter of fact, fear not because socks have come to the rescue. It breaks all the pre-conceived notions about how to wear heels, but who care, rules are meant to be broken.


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