5 Out of the box Valentines weekend date ideas

This is for those who cringe when it comes to planning anything romantic because they are afraid of coming across as cliché.

Taking time out of your schedule to spend with your sweetheart is almost impossible on a daily, but can be a bigger hassle when there is a special event in need of celebrating. The old dinner and movies or drinks can become so mundane and needless to say boring. Taking this into mind we have arranged a few out of the box affordable dates, to ensure you and your date have a great time on a budget. Some of these dates are a much-needed update on the usual dinner and some will have you learning some interesting new things about your surroundings. Surprise your date with something they never expected and I assure you that will score you brownie points to at least get a second date because it will not only show how creative and fun you are but it can also be a  great start to your conversation. This list is in no particular order and we sure your date will love whichever one you choose.

  • Go to a food or music festival

This is a great way to move away from the usual date and will give you a lot to talk about, which is always great. First start by asking your date what type of music they like, because there is no use if you going to take them to see a band they hate. If you want it to be a secret, you can casually bring it up or ask a close friend, do your research. Once you can gauge the type of music they are into then you can check the local listing to see if they are performing anytime soon, preferable when you have actually set the date for. The same goes for a food market/festival, find out what they might enjoy and see if there is a way to add a twist to it. For listing, you can go to Competicket or Ticketpro which always have information on upcoming events and you can also ask around your social circle about what’s going down.

  • A twist on the movies- DIY dates

Instead of going to the cinema to catch the latest movie for your date. There is a fun and more creative twist o the old trend, besides the fact that you can’t engage in a conversation in the movie theatre, you could also risk watching a movie which only one or none of you enjoy. So without ditching the entire movie concept, you could rent out some old favorites that you are sure you will both like, gather a bunch of snacks and sit back and watch. The other pro of this idea is that you can pause and make-out or whatever.

  • Painting classes

This is the most creative way of getting to know someone, by tapping into their creativity. You can research to check out if there are no art classes to take around your area and sign up. If that fails and you cannot find art classes nearby, ask some art students around you for some of their old stuff that you can use on your date. You don’t need a lot of things really, and the more out of the box you can go into make it happen, the more your date will appreciate it and it will give you a lot to talk about. If all fails think of the playing with paint scene on Trey Songs ‘Making love faces’, just make sure that they are into it first though and if it’s a girl don’t get it in her hair.

Game night

Dates are mainly about getting to know someone and having fun while doing it. Playing around is a fun way to see if that person takes themselves too seriously or not. Honestly, no one wants to date a boring person, it’s not fun at all and you end up having awkward silences and no second date. A great way to have the game date is to turn it into a group date, where you team up with you date against another couple. This will make the date exciting and will give you loads to talk about. Depending on the mood you would like to set, you can choose from mind game such as 30 seconds, Scrabble and who did it to more active ones such as going bowling or to the arcade. Group dates a great if you barely know your date and want to be comfortable while getting to know them. After all, there is security in numbers.

Go on a mini adventure

This is also a fun way to get to know someone and to see if you have some common interests. You make it an outdoor or indoor adventure, but it the weather is right there is no reason in cannot be the former. Outdoor adventures are the more exhilarating of the 2. What you could do is do a creative twist on the treasure hunt, you gather up information about yourself and your date and you ask a friend to help you by taking that information and converting it into clue which will lead to a nice picnic or dinner at the end. Just imagine how fun that will be and how much you will learn about each other in the process.

The most important thing to remember about going on a date is that it is about getting to know each other. There is no point in preparing a nice candle lit dinner and you have absolutely nothing to talk about, so always think of adding a little creativity when planning your dates because even if you have a little in common or just not each other’s type at least you would have made a new friend.


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